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Bill Henry (right) broadcasted live commentary of the Franklin D. Roosevelt funeral procession for CBS.

Henry served as the sports technical director for the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

Bill Henry with Vice President Richard Nixon and Mrs. Pat Nixon in Tunisia on a 1957 trip to Africa. Henry accompanied Nixon on several international trips as a member of the White House press pool.

Henry with daughters Marry, Peggy, and Patricia (left to right), and Major Corliss Champion Moseley (left). Henry accompanied Champion Moseley, a World War I fighter pilot and early aircraft executive, on a Western Airline Express flight from Los…

In 1942, Henry worked as a war correspondent in the South Pacific for the Los Angeles Times.

Bill Henry poses with his car outside of the CBS studio in Los Angeles. Henry worked for CBS throughout the 1930s and 40s.

Promotional brochure for NBC's "Window on Washington" sponsored by Sunbeam Shavemaster. The show, which Henry hosted in 1953, featured interviews with such figures as John F. Kennedy, Pat Nixon, and Donald Douglas.

Bill Henry in the CBS studio, where he broadcast his show, "5 Minutes of News" from 1943-1948. (The show would later move to MBS).

Henry's daughter, Patricia Yeomans, was instrumental in establishing the Bill Henry Room in the Occidental College Library. Here she is pictured in the Henry Room with Charles Willard, an early aviation enthusiast, and friends Edward Neil, Joseph…

A page from a scrapbook created by Henry's daughter, Patricia Yeomans. The newspaper articles describe a non-fatal car accident in which her mother, Corinne Stanton Henry, was severely injured. She was scheduled to play tennis star Helen Wills Moody.…
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