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Henry discusses his experience reporting on the war for the Los Angeles Times and CBS.

In 1948, CBS canceled the Johns-Manville sponsored "Bill Henry and the News" due to a change in their scheduling policy. This report discusses radio advertising strategy, and how the CBS cancellation, and the subsequent move to MBS, effect public…

Editor in chief of CBS News, Wells Church expresses his dissatisfaction with the booth that was assigned to CBS for the 1952 political conventions.

Los Angeles Times reader J.O. Shaughnessy writes to Henry about the televised Senate Hearings on the Vietnam War.

An organizational chart showing Henry as Vice President Nixon's Press Advisor during a 1957 trip to Africa.

Bill Henry at age 17 in 1907, the year his family moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco.

Henry played for the Occidental Tigers in 1913-1914. He stands on the right of the top row.

A page from a scrapbook created by Henry's daughter, Patricia Yeomans. The newspaper articles describe a non-fatal car accident in which her mother, Corinne Stanton Henry, was severely injured. She was scheduled to play tennis star Helen Wills Moody.…

Henry's daughter, Patricia Yeomans, was instrumental in establishing the Bill Henry Room in the Occidental College Library. Here she is pictured in the Henry Room with Charles Willard, an early aviation enthusiast, and friends Edward Neil, Joseph…

Bill Henry in the CBS studio, where he broadcast his show, "5 Minutes of News" from 1943-1948. (The show would later move to MBS).
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