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As sports technical director, Bill Henry inspects rule booklets for the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games, translated by Julia C. Mayer.

An arial view of the Douglas Aircraft Company in Santa Monica. Henry assisted Donald Douglas in securing a loan to establish his company in Los Angeles in 1920.

Henry with daughters Marry, Peggy, and Patricia (left to right), and Major Corliss Champion Moseley (left). Henry accompanied Champion Moseley, a World War I fighter pilot and early aircraft executive, on a Western Airline Express flight from Los…

Bill Henry with Vice President Richard Nixon and Mrs. Pat Nixon in Tunisia on a 1957 trip to Africa. Henry accompanied Nixon on several international trips as a member of the White House press pool.

In 1942, Henry worked as a war correspondent in the South Pacific for the Los Angeles Times.

In 1948, CBS canceled the Johns-Manville sponsored "Bill Henry and the News" due to a change in their scheduling policy. This report discusses radio advertising strategy, and how the CBS cancellation, and the subsequent move to MBS, effect public…

Los Angeles Times reader J.O. Shaughnessy writes to Henry about the televised Senate Hearings on the Vietnam War.

LA Times editor L.D. Hotchkiss requests that Henry return to Los Angeles from Europe, where he was covering the war, to begin writing a new column for the Los Angeles Times. "By the Way" would run daily in the Times for the next thirty years. (The…

Nixon thanks Henry for reporting on his 1964 Republication National Convention speech.

Editor in chief of CBS News, Wells Church expresses his dissatisfaction with the booth that was assigned to CBS for the 1952 political conventions.
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