Bill Henry and the News: the Rise of Los Angeles and American News Media

Writer and reporter Bill Henry witnessed radical changes in American politics and culture over the course of his career. As a Los Angeles civic leader and reporter for the Los Angeles Times and several radio networks, he participated in the simultaneous transformation of both his urban environment, and the field of journalism.

This exhibit presents selections from the Bill Henry Collection at the Occidental College Library that illustrate specific social, political, and economic issues within these larger historical frameworks.

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Bill Henry LA Times Articles Index

To assist with the research process, an index of over 10,000 of Henry’s articles in the Times has been made available here. This spreadsheet…

"This is Bill Henry"


A short documentary about Bill Henry produced for Occidental College in 1971. Featuring Bill Henry, Patricia Yeomans, and Harold Wagner.

Pat Yeomans interview, parts 1-7


Pat Yeomans discusses her father, Bill Henry, in the Bill Henry Room at Occidental College.